“Even as a permanent resident, I always go back to my roots, how I was brought up” (Canada)

It was 2010, and Jourdan Rosell was planning out a family vacation. He had just graduated  with a degree in Technical Theatre at the De La Salle College. He simply wanted to bond with one of his three sisters in Singapore.

Eventually, when Rosell’s savings began to run out, he threw all caution to the wind. Rosell, now a theater production manager in Canada, figured “why not, I’ll move to Singapore.” The gamble would pay dividends. Currently, Rosell works for the Manitoba Theatre for Young People.

“I got a job with National University of Singapore to handle their events,” recalls Rosell. “After a year there I got a job with Esplanade Theatres On The Bay as a production Coordinator. After almost 4 years there, I got my permanent resident application approved in Canada and moved to Toronto in 2015.”

Rosell, also a crossfit and fitness enthusiast, would later find work for an entertainment company for two years. Just recently, he moved to Winnipeg where he found work.



Much of his journey had been shaped by his curiosity. While most kids are swept off their feet, the young Rosell wanted to know what was beneath the magic of the circus, theater, and live entertainment.

“I was curious what’s behind all these that we don’t see,” notes Rosell. “Because of that, I studied Technical Theatre at the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. I learned lighting design, sound design, technical directing, and stage management.”

“I tried other areas within my field,” he adds. “Got some gigs as assistant stage manager, stage managers for shows, then tried event management, then I became a production coordinator for an arts centre in Singapore.”

Rosell shares that, while other families would be overly cautious, his has remained supportive to his professional pursuits. “My family never stops me from pursuing my dreams, so it has never been challenging moving from one place to another for me.”

The production manager happily notes the of his assimilation abroad. He attributes to an inherently Filipino knack for community-building. “In general, we can get along easily with other people or nationalities. It’s just in our nature.”

Reflecting upon his Filipino heritage, Rosell maintains that it had never left him, even as a permanent Canadian resident. “I am always proud as a Filipino wherever I go,” Rosell concludes. “Even as a permanent resident of Canada. I always  go back to my roots, how I was brought up, the values I learnt from school, and the fact that I am a 100 percent Filipino just makes me proud wherever I am.”

Jourdan Rosell current lives in Winnipeg and is active in a crossfit community there. He is @jourdanrosell in Instagram.


Words by Fidel Feria
Graphics by Roc Verdera

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