Cultural Landmarks in KSA

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the top destination for overseas Filipino workers (OFW). The Western Asian country topped nine other Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian countries where Filipinos have sought employment, per data from the Philippine Overseas Employment Association in 2015. This is an old trend; the wave of deployments began in the early 70s with Filipino engineers finding work overseas. Since then, the … Continue reading Cultural Landmarks in KSA

Things to consider before studying in the EU

A lot of us have dreamed of living and working in Europe. Imagine being only a train ride away from different capitals filled with history, and immersing yourself in museums, theaters, and other world-famous cultural landmarks. But how do you prepare for the experience? We paid a visit to the launch of the 2018 European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) and picked the brains of former … Continue reading Things to consider before studying in the EU

International Airlines Information

Flying to and fro home is on the minds of every Filipino living away from the country. And every homecoming is prepared for painstakingly by his or her loved ones here. It’s important to keep everyone on the same page about your balikbayan‘s flight details, or be aware of good promos and fares. You should always keep an eye out for news from your airlines … Continue reading International Airlines Information

Philippine agencies to call during calamities

The looming threat of Typhoon Ompong, expected to make landfall in the Philippines this weekend, puts millions of our countrymen’s lives at risk. For Filipinos abroad, the knowledge of our family’s security in these dangerous situations is of utmost importance; the safer they are, the more we are able to operate efficiently in our home away from home. To keep track of the situation, refer … Continue reading Philippine agencies to call during calamities

Philippine communities around the world

Earning a living in a foreign country can be trying; it is especially difficult to have to do it alone. For most Filipinos abroad, forming a community of fellow countrymen is an integral part of their stay overseas: they look out for each other’s welfare, they attest to each other’s work ethic, and they fight for worthy advocacies.  Click here for a few bright examples … Continue reading Philippine communities around the world

Keeping safe from human trafficking

The search for employment overseas is a rigorous, emotionally taxing pursuit. For a lot of our countrymen, landing a job abroad means positioning oneself to land better earning opportunities. Unfortunately, it is with this desire to earn for our loved ones that, ultimately, renders a troublesome amount of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s) vulnerable to human trafficking. To keep you and your loved ones from being … Continue reading Keeping safe from human trafficking

Packing your Balikbayan Box 101

Balikbayan Boxes are a hallmark of Overseas Filipino culture. Through its continued depiction in media, the public has come to associate an otherwise rigorous task—packing a box-full of pasalubong for the family—with immeasurable pleasure. To help you, kababayan, we offer the following tips. Happy packing!   1. Balance the weight   2. Secure properly   3. Factor in transport time   4. Line your box … Continue reading Packing your Balikbayan Box 101

Philippine embassies around the world

To help you connect to Filipinos in the country that you are in, we’ve compiled a list of Philippine Embassies in different parts of the globe. This directory is meant to be dynamic; entires and countries will be added, and the information will be updated as we go along. Please click HERE or on the menu tab above for the directory. Please check back and … Continue reading Philippine embassies around the world